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Welcome to APT GROUP

APT GROUP have  over 20 years’ experience in the agricultural and agricultural processing sectors from around the world.

We are investors and environmental specialists in the agriculture and agri-industrial sectors, providing a range of products and services that integrate safely into new and existing developments.

We help provide project finance, technology transfer and development planning, along with product evaluation and marketing for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Cooperatives and Government Agencies, in the following:

  • Agriculture Sector
  • Agricultural Industrial and Product Processing Sector
  • Bio-extraction Systems (producing Essential Oils and Medicines from Plants)
  • Rural and Community Development
  • Water Purification and Irrigation

Apt Group have agents in: Australia, New Zealand, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of South Africa, Latin America and USA.

Technology transfer and training

Technology Transfer  and Training

APT can offer technology transfer and training packages especially designed for new or existing enterprises to provide elite, disease free seedlings and processed  products to meet the ever changing global marketplace.

Technology for agriculture

Technology for Agriculture

We provide new and established technologies  in Earth Observation, Micropropagation, Bio-extraction, Crop Selection and Management. We also design and commission laboratories, bio-extraction facilities and  product processing factory units.


Project Development and Finance

We help with business development and financing for new and existing projects in the agricultural, agri-industrial,  energy, industrial and municipal  waste and water treatment  sectors.

Contact us today on 44 (0) 1242 650212 or email info@aptgroup.eu