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Micropropagation Disease free plantlets mass
produced for commercial growers

APT helps commercialise existing laboratories, training staff to meet commercial standards. Or APT will design, build and commission a purpose built facility to meet local requirements, while training staff locally on site and at the Propagation Technology facility in the UK.

The Benefits of Micropropagation

In a typical plant micropropagation laboratory complex, commercial applied, plant tissue culture technology can be the fastest method of plant production known to agricultural science. Over 500,000 cloned plantlets can be produced within 7 – 9 months from a single mother plant and this potential production can be seen by geometrical progression.

Weeks of development Number of plantlets
6 15
18 240
34 15,360
38 61,440
42 245,760
48 983,040

Plants can be supplied in exact quantities to suit manpower at the ideal plating time.

Only elite plants are selected for mass production to ensure the best harvest.

Because plants produced by tissue culture are genetically identical, top grade products with the best sales price can be acheived. For example, every plant may produce the same quantity fruit or flower to suit specific standards. Perhaps to supply out of season export markets or reafforestation programmes.