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Water Purification & Desalination

Water Purification

APT Group provide technologies needed to produce portable drinking water at low cost.

  • Suitable to purify: water from aquifer, river or lake.
  • Simple and economic to install and operate
  • Designed to suit your local environment
  • Delivered in standard shipping containers which
  • Containers become part of the installation
  • Shipping within 3 months of order
  • Capacity of each line is 200 cubic metres per hour
  • The units based on standard shipping containers
  • Treatment lines as assembled on site on a concrete slab
  • Suitable for  small to medium sized communities or an industrial complex


A wide range of desalination units are available treating from One thousand litres a day to One thousand tonnes of water a day, so offering desalination and potable water for:

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Office, Apartment Blocks, Schools and Factories,
  • Golf Courses and Sports Stadia.
  • Cruise Ships, Boats and Yatchs
  • Armed Forces: with mobile units-land based and on board
  • Villages and towns – small and large communities


Solar Powered Desalination plant

In many areas of the world, electricity cost can be over USD$0.25/KWhr. For those areas, using PV solar power systems to supply electrical power to desalination systems is reliable and economical.

Complete turnkey solutions are available, combing ground mounted solar farms with desalination plants.

Solar farms are currently between 30KW-10MW. Larger solar farms can be designed and developed as requested.

International Equipment Financing Programs

After initial studies, and for qualified buyers, equipment financing of up to 85% of the contract value can be provided at competitive rates. The equipment financing program is available to Buyers in most countries. The length of available payment terms depends on the total value of the purchased equipment.